About Us

With 30 international suppliers and a corporate responsibility to promote proudly South African products, Phodzo Medical supplies the medical industry with technologically advanced medical devices, hospital equipment, hospital furniture and services in South Africa. These products are backed with a dedicated service support team to ensure our clients receive unrivalled product support and service back up.

Phodzo Medical supplies the national hospital base; the homecare market and primary healthcare facilities. Phodzo Medical is committed to providing top quality products and services that crucially aid in the efficient and effective recovery of patients. Our advanced end-user training programmes facilitate the proper use of the equipment to ensure superior patient comfort and to aid recovery.

Phodzo Medical facilitates operations from its head offices in Johannesburg with regional offices located in Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

With our partners active in more than 110 countries, we partner with some of the largest manufacturers of hospital and nursing beds. Our portfolio includes solutions designed for intensive care, acute care, bariatric, products for regular in-bed treatment and special beds for long-term care facilities. Our range also includes anti-pressure injury mattresses, mobile equipment, healthcare furniture, patient handling systems, patient warming systems, ultrasound dopplers, theatre equioment, neonatal and paediatric range, active and passive mattresses for pressure reduction and relief, wheelchairs, trauma and emergency equipment and furniture, day beds, chemotherapy and dialysys chairs, recliners, phototherapy lamps, blood and infusion warmers, maternity and gynae equipment and accessories.

In line with the Department of Health taking steps to update their current product technical specifications in line with technological advancements to ensure that this sector of our healthcare industry is internationally recognised (part of NHI), our product range is a well-engineered, patient centred and end-user friendly product offering that is supported by evidence based clinical studies and has a competitive warranty with an after-sales-support team. Many of our products have also won the international Reddot Award for Innovation and Design in the global field of healthcare, making it a factual world-wide leader in its class. (our products are currently being used in South Africa’s private healthcare sector with a growing install base in the public/government sector). With an international install base of more than a million products, and with 54 patents and 98 trademarks, our products are truly unique.


Multiple bottom line

People: inspire each other to be the best we can be by providing a great place to work.
Portfolio: offering a broad-based health care solution regarding hospital furniture and hospital equiment and devices
Partners: nurturing a winning network of partners & stakeholders and building mutual loyalty.
Productivity: being a highly efficient, lean and fast-moving organisation.
Planet: being a responsible organisation that makes a difference by helping to build and support sustainable communities.


To provide the best possible product and service-support by ensuring clinically approved equipment, with trusted clinical evidence-based performance that caters for the various needs to aid patient comfort and recovery is readily available to our end-users, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Through our equipment and expertise, we provide a comfortable and safe environment for our patients to rest and recover.

Our code and guidelines are based on the Infrastructure Unit Support Systems (IUSS) – Improving South Africa’s Healthcare Infrastructure, which is endorsed by CSIR (Counsil for Scientific Research), SAFHE (South African Federation of Hospital Engineers) and DoH (Department of Health).

Our partners conform to CE regulations and hold ISO certification. We adhere to our corporate social responsibility.